Tanaya was actually one of the first people who started buying my clothes when I moved to LA back when I was cutting every piece fucking myself! And she’s continued to support every drop I’ve released since. Always down for a good conspiracy theory deep dive, a fucking ridiculous cleanse/health challenge or a ratchet ass night on the town when you just wanna put on lipgloss and dance. Keep reading to get to know her and see how she’s been managing these trying ass times.

1.) Describe what you do for a living and how you are adjusting to social distancing? 

I am a jewelry designer. I have a store on 3rd Street in Los Angeles as well as a website we sell on called LacebyTanaya.com. Honestly, I am a hermit, so aside from the strange rules when you go out into the world...I'm not that mad at distancing because it's very similar to my regular life, LOL. 

2.) Being your own boss, it can be hard - damn near impossible - to stay motivated during stressful times like these.. What has been your go-to, kick me out of my funky ass mood, ritual or activity during quarantine? 

Ahhhh. MUSIC!!! Cooking/eating tasty treats. Coffee. Stretching. 

3.) Describe what a busy/productive day looks like for you these days compared to BC. (Before Covid)  

A lot of my work is done behind the scenes in my store or home (computer). Because the store is closed temporarily, I can still work out of my space but there are no customers. More of my time is spent on fulfilling orders, creative and website/e-commerce than it was before. We are getting a lot of orders due to everyone being at home and on their phones. I feel like I'm still getting a lot done, but I have to move stealthily. 

4.) Now describe what a meltdown day looks like! Do you let yourself feel it all or do you push through? We’ve all had them. (I personally had a meltdown week when I first heard the news.) 

Ohhh.. just collapse on the floor and mope around all day. I've had a few. I let myself feel it.. usually take a bath and go to sleep as early as possible. I've been drinking a lot of Pino Grigio lately, to be real. 

5.) Any challenges or goals, personal or career you’ve given yourself while on lockdown? Or is getting through this shit accomplishment enough? (It is btw.) 

Yes! I've set so many goals! Definitely have been taking better care of my body, taking herbs...loving myself. I also started another business and found a new warehouse! I need to move out of one of my stores by the end of May & I'm finding that things like moving are a lot easier to get done these days... less traffic, lower prices... and since everything is on pause, it's the perfect time for me to do things that might otherwise have distracted me from work. 

6.) What has been your most favorite thing about this crazy moment in time? Discovered any hidden gems about yourself or your life while having a moment to breathe and reflect?

I feel like I finally have a breather. I don't feel rushed. I've been able to pay attention to things that were getting overlooked. Small things in my home, organizing, etc. I'm loving it.

7.) What advice would you offer anyone who is particularly going through it during this isolation period? 

YOU can come out of this better than you were before!!! Instead of focusing on the negative things & fear, try to focus on good things....goals, self care, creating, spending time with family and people you love... It's easier said than done, but right now we all have an opportunity to press the reset button and come out a better, more patient, loving, compassionate & more knowledgeable person if we want to. 

8.) What are you looking forward to most once the lockdown has been lifted? 

Getting my GOD DAMN NAILS DONE!!! LOL. Also, I just want to go to dinner with my friends, LOL. I need a girls night STAT!

9.) How difficult has this been for you on a scale of hermit to social butterfly? Do you need the juice of other humans or are you thriving in your lil quarantine cocoon?? Have you been quarantined alone like moi? Or do you have a partner/family around? 

I love it, LOL. I'm thriving...hair growing! I do miss humans, but the in due time....haha. Also, I have a new mans in my life so I've been with him a lot. :D

10.) And lastly, any hilarious or embarrassing tidbits you’d like to share are most welcome. For example, did you freak out and buy a years supply of hand sanitizer? Did you get drunk and text an ex lover because you thought the world might be ending or was that just me?

I bought about 120 N95 masks...and half of them I had before COVID began....I go down Conspiracy Lane at least twice a year, lol. I got to send them out to a lot of medical workers that really needed them though, so that made me feel good. I also farted by accident in my sleep next to my new boo....so you could say things are moving pretty quick.

*Tanaya is wearing the Abalone Robe. 


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