Ravie Baby! Raven and I had that instant ease between us, the way Aquarius and Libra do, and right away just adored her realness, matter-of-fact-Bronx-no bullshit energy. Mixed with that sweet, sweet, Libra charm. I feel like she's one of those people who is just in alignment and (well deservedly!!) blessed because she fully lives from her heart space with no compromising. Read more get to know her & peep some of her work here.

1.) Describe what you do for a living and how you are adjusting to social distancing? 

I'm a photographer. To be honest its been very difficult. I am someone who thrives off interpersonal experience. I've really just been spending time with my mom. Eating better. Cooking better. Working out at home which has actually become more productive for me then trying to make time to the gym. Getting closer with the people in my life I love. Planning and strategizing for whatever the world is going to be when we go back out. Lastly, counting my blessings.

3.) Describe what a busy/productive day looks like for you these days compared to BC. (Before Covid)  

BC, every day was different. I literally never knew what to expect. I travel a lot and felt like I wasn't home much. haha these days a busy day for me might just be finishing one task or just going to the grocery. I have really tried to dedicate a lot of time to self maintenance and doing things I enjoy. Some days thats walking around my neighborhood and shooting. Other days it's just me playing animal crossing for hours. I go with the flow. 

4.) Now describe what a meltdown day looks like! Do you let yourself feel it all or do you push through? We’ve all had them. (I personally had a meltdown week when I first heard the news.) 

I fully let myself feel every single meltdown. I cry, I sleep. I either overeat or don't eat at all. (I'm an extremist) I embrace my emotions, both good and bad. Definitely helps me with my self awareness. Going through and fully living in the meltdown helps me make sense of it so I can work on being stronger. We are human, we're allowed to feel helpless to our emotions. 

5.) Any challenges or goals, personal or career you’ve given yourself while on lockdown? Or is getting through this shit accomplishment enough? (It is btw.) 

GETTING THROUGH THIS SHIT IS ENOUGH. I'm attempting to get my website done but I've been attempting for 5 weeks so we shall see. 

6.) What has been your most favorite thing about this crazy moment in time? Discovered any hidden gems about yourself or your life while having a moment to breathe and reflect?

My favorite thing has been not feeling guilty for not being productive. Feel like too often I spend time chasing my next high that comes from a career moment or being successful and when I wouldn't be working I would feel like I'm failing. This crazy moment has really put all I've done for myself into perspective and has also made me realize its necessary to fully live in the present and just enjoy the fact that I'm alive. 

7.) What advice would you offer anyone who is particularly going through it during this isolation period? 

Because I've had so many moments of feeling like I've been going through it, I would say you are not alone, you got this!

8.) And lastly, any hilarious or embarrassing tidbits you’d like to share are most welcome. For example, did you freak out and buy a years supply of hand sanitizer? Did you get drunk and text an ex lover because you thought the world might be ending or was that just me? 

LMAO I HAVE BECOME OBSESSED WITH ANIMAL CROSSING. LEGIT OBSESSED, I THINK I CARE MORE ABOUT MY ANIMAL CROSSING BUSINESS THAN MY ACTUAL BUSINESS LMAO. I am so tired of cutting fucking onions, midway through this quarantine, at this point I had been cooking 3 times a day I think I was so fed up and not paying attention and spilled pasta water on my foot, soon after I started ordering food again haha. I also haven't had a drink in 74 days, I'm dreaming about Sangria.

*Raven is wearing the Abalone Velvet Separates in size Large. 

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