You've heard of the 60 Second Rule?? Nai created it. Nai has quickly become an online fave for her brilliant skincare tips that she shares openly and oh so patiently!! She has this big sister vibe that makes people all over the world feel safe enough to come to her with their insecurites, doubts and questions. A beautiful women dedicated to helping others feel beautiful in their skin. Read more to get to know her and peep her credentials at the bottom to learn more! 


1.) Describe what you do for a living and how you are adjusting to social distancing? 

I’m an esthetician (licensed skin care specialist), who works in my own studio. I’m also a skincare youtuber, and I sell products and merch online! So obviously when Safer At Home started I had to pivot my business to online only. That means social media content YouTube videos more online consultations and sell more products.  At first it was uncomfortable but I am actually very pleased with the amount of time I spend working and less social interactions I have to have.

2.) Being your own boss, it can be hard - damn near impossible - to stay motivated during stressful times like these.. What has been your go-to, kick me out of my funky ass mood, ritual or activity during quarantine? 

Lately during, Quarantine I have been cooking a lot to bring some structure to my day and give me something to look forward to. In the morning, I’m doing at-home workouts when I first wake up at 10am, which is glorious.

3.) Describe what a busy/productive day looks like for you these days compared to BC. (Before Covid)  

A super productive day for me would look like waking up right before 10 AM getting my 45 minute high-intensity workout in packing products orders with my boo, walking to the post office. Cooking something delicious, and planning social media content or taking social media photos.  It’s a fun kind of busy.

4.) Now describe what a meltdown day looks like! Do you let yourself feel it all or do you push through? We’ve all had them. (I personally had a meltdown week when I first heard the news.) 

The other day I couldn’t get my workout lifestream started on time and I threw a complete tantrum. Pouted on the couch. didn’t eat anything for a few hours. Gave my boyfriend mad attitude, all before 11am! hahaha. My moods have been sooo insanely intense during quarantine. I’ll feel joy, disappointment, guilt, contentment, excitement, focus, feeling lost and sadness all over the course of 12 hours. FULL range of emotion. But I’d take this over numbness any day.

5.) Any challenges or goals, personal or career you’ve given yourself while on lockdown? Or is getting through this shit accomplishment enough? (It is btw.) 

The only real goal I gave myself was to work out regularly and lose some weight. It would be amazing to come out of quarantine SNATCHEDT. But, ya know. I’m just thankful I have everything I need and that I’m safe. No pressure.

6.) What has been your most favorite thing about this crazy moment in time? Discovered any hidden gems about yourself or your life while having a moment to breathe and reflect?

Truly, honestly, the best thing about Quarantine is that time does not exist! Time and I kind of have beef: I’m one of those people that’s always late, always rushing, never realize how long it takes to get someplace or to do something... I just don’t  conceptualize time that well. That’s a terrible thing for an aesthetician working on strict appointment schedule. But it’s amazing for an at-home-all-day kinda life. I don’t know how imma adjust back. Maybe I won’t. lol.

7.) What advice would you offer anyone who is particularly going through it during this isolation period? 

My biggest advice for anyone particularly going through it during Quarantine is to tap in to your childhood self.  Whatever you love to do the most when you were 10, 12 years old do that. Learn new recipes, or double down on the foods you ate as a kid. Draw or paint yourself, reread your favorite book, join a workout challenge. When depression sets in it’s easier said than done to be active and motivated. But you owe it to yourself to seek out *some* joy.

8.) What are you looking forward to most once the lockdown has been lifted? 

When lockdown is over I’m really trying to get these ‘fits off! I’ve bought so many clothes and have nowhere to wear them. I also really just wanna laugh with my friends, play music really loud and look cute.

9.) How difficult has this been for you on a scale of hermit to social butterfly? Do you need the juice of other humans or are you thriving in your lil quarantine cocoon?? Have you been quarantined alone like moi? Or do you have a partner/family around?

This entire experience has made me extremely thankful to have my partner Chris around. Having company makes everything better but specifically in a time where the world outside kind of seems so scary having Chris around has really been such a joy. I think I would be considered an ambivert? I can be very antisocial sometimes but also extremely social butterfly... which is probably why my feelings surrounding this change so much! It’s exhausting but it’s making me a better person. I can feel it.

*Nai is wearing the Rose Water separates in size Medium.

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