We can think back and break down our lives into what? Years, months, days, hours, minutes.. but when we're living it, do we acknowledge those minutes, hours, days? Y'know what I mean? Like you can think backwards and remember the hour you got some news that changed the course of your life, you can remember the time on the stove when you got that call, you can remember the date you decided to be brave and make that particular change in your life. But sitting here now, are you aware of the last few hours of your day thus far and did you live them with intention? I can think of countless days I barely remember! I just buzzed through them going through the motions. 
How we honor our morning, sets the bar energetically for our day. It sets us up to make better decisions, to be intentional in what we are doing and saying. It sets the bar for how we close the day and start the next. I feel like when you start something with care, you literally do just that, you care more. It's now something you've nurtured up to a certain point so why would you stop now?
We're not always gonna do it right and we're gonna flop and we are definitely not always going to have perfect days but you can absolutely set yourself up for better presence and presence to me is life. 
I like to start my mornings with prayer. Then water, coffee and breakfast. Then I sit and write my lists, my to-do's, I talk to my mom and my sister and cuddle my kitten and then I prepare for my workout. Same thing every day. But there was a time when I really needed some grounding as I was doing some deep soul work and I would wake up before the sunrise every day and just sit and watch it. I'd list all of the things I was grateful for and then I would list the things I wasn't happy with or that stressed me out and made me frustrated. Then I would go into THAT list and breakdown how I could change those into positives or work with them. (I got that idea from Esther Hicks after I went to one of her 4 hour conferences in Long Beach, CA.) 
No matter how you wish to start your mornings, I suggest starting a routine to set you up for success. Try to stay off your phone for at least the first hour after you wake (this is gonna be a challenge for me tooooo!) Pray, write/repeat your affirmations, stretch, make something nourishing for your body, many people like to sage/palo santo and cleanse themselves, write in your journal, make your lists! The point is to become grounded within yourself so that the outside world can't throw you off - can't fuck with your peace and can't fuck with your purpose. When you spend that time mentally and spiritually centering yourself, I promise you it will make EVERY difference in the decisions you make and how you handle every situation thrown your way. You will also be vibrating at a frequency that will attract less bullshit. 
So GOOD MORNING to you. Stay in your lane and get centered. It's the only one that matters. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 

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Really needed this. Thank you

Alyssa Alvarado

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