I started doing this when I first moved to LA and me and my other Canadian friend moved into our first apartment after shuffling around from spot to squat for about a year. All we had in our entire place was candles, mattresses on the floor and our vision boards. Which we drew as giant trees with post-its hanging from them. 
Everybody has their own lil vision board system. If you don't, you can take inspo from mine. I like to use a big ass cork board and divide it into sections. Each color post-it represents a different sector of my life. Red is love/family. Blue is career, green is health, purple is materialistic/tangible wants, orange - spiritual growth, yellow is travel and experiences.. etc. These aren't exact colors or whatever but you get the idea. I usually have the inspo to really dig into it about once a year and start from scratch but then I go back and re-visit/revise/add to it all year. I ALSO, turn it around to face the wall when people come over. Not because I don't trust the people I allow into my home, but because these are very sacred desires for me and I don't want *any* energy on it that isn't pure love and desire. I have my own doubts and fears I work against every day I don't need anybody else's y'know?
So. A vision board is one thing but your daily affirmations are another and THIS is how we start to work with those nasty little subconscious micro-thoughts we have swirling around our heads all day. It's work. But it works. 
This is a perfect time to start this activity because one, you are quarantined and probably spinning on a million different possibilities and fears about how this is all gonna turn out. And two, we recently had Venus go retrograde and if you don't know much about that, it heavily focuses on our relationship with relationships! With ourselves, with others, with money, with our desires.. etc etc. And I for one, RIGHT when it turned retrograde, woke up out of my sleep in the middle of the night with two very prominent fears from my past. One about money and one about possibly saying/doing the wrong thing in a situation with someone. People pleasing bullshit.
These are two things I've worked VERY hard to unlearn. The fear of not having enough and the fear of pissing someone off/abandonment issues/people pleasing. Retrogrades take us back to re-address, re-visit and re-do anything that needs some work, so that when it goes direct, we can get back to doing it better than we were before. Read more up on it here
So what I did last week was write out three affirmations (that I will keep personal) and I stuck them on my fridge. Whenever I look at them I say them out loud. I usually do this until the post-its lose their stick and fall off on their own. That's my little sign from the universe to write down some new ones and repeat those aloud until it's time to move on. Sometimes I write out the same three and stick them in different places in my house. On the fridge, front door, mirror, bathroom mirror etc.. You will notice your entire mood and energy shift after repeating these to yourself. You will notice your life start to shift. Remember yesterday's post and the power and energy behind your words. 
I want you to pick three things you want to say out loud every day, as many times a day as you can, until those post-its fall off and decide it's time to move on. If you don't like the way you are feeling physically, Affirm that you are Beautiful, you are perfect as you are, and you appreciate and love your body for taking you on this journey. If you are feeling afraid about money or lacking, Affirm that you have everything you could ever want and need, that you attract abundance in everything you do. If you are feeling negative about some people or relationships in your life, Affirm that you only attract positive connections in your life, that everyone around you only wants the best for you and helps you work towards your highest self. If you need help with affirmations, take a peek at some Louise Hay affirmations. I am obsessed with her. 
Now go start while the day is young and bring abundance to your day! Even if you don't feel you are where you want to be now, being thankful for what you have is the energy you need to move forward. Gratitude brings abundance. You must vibrate in the frequency of that which you wish to live. If you are living in a state of constant lack and self pity, you will attract more of that. So be grateful today that you are healthy, alive, SO so loved and that you have an opportunity to change whatever it is you're not satisfied with. You have full control, I promise you. 
Love you. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 


just read this to my friend and i think we both needed to hear it. Love ya Laina.


You’re a different soul.


This meant a lot to me. Thank you for spreading love and your beautiful light ❤


You dope

SIrius COnnection

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