OKAY!!! HUGE believer in this. Do I always live by it? Hell no. I fall off a lot. I try to though because whenever I remember and put in a little effort, I'm actually surprised by how good I immediately feel. It may seem superficial but why would we judge ourselves like that? (also, it's not! don't let anyone tell you otherwise!)

I'm gonna use this (OG Louise Hay) method a lot, but I want you to treat yourself as if you were caring for your 5 year old self. Cute little you getting ready for her first day of school or maybe a friend's birthday party!? You would brush her hair and make sure she is bathed and moisturized. You would dress her in something cute and comfortable. You would make sure her teeth are brushed and her nails are clipped. You would help her feel good in her skin and teach her that honoring and caring for the vessel that carries her through life is just as important as caring for her insides. 

We can get lazy and stop doing this for ourselves when we're feeling low. I know I have manyyyy times and still do! ALL THE TIME! I've actually grown to realize that I don't necessarily believe in laziness. It's either rest/a necessary break our body needs that we can sometimes feel guilty for, hence calling it "lazy," or it's something else. Fear that leads to procrastination, or it can be depression (also caused by fear, anger, pain..) I know on my lowest days I haven't even wanted to look in the mirror, let alone brush my hair back or worry about what I was wearing.

BUT I want you to make a point, especially now during these quarantine times that can start to pick away at your soul, mental health and especially your self care rituals. You stop getting dressed because you're not going out anywhere, okay cool. We all love a break from pants. But then that leads to maybe skipping a shower, a skincare routine here and there, make-up altogether (loving this btw it's good for our skin to get a break!) but yeah, it can start to make you feel a little *less* *than*.. and you don't really notice it because we're in this kind of zombie phase where all the days mash together and we barely know what we had for breakfast by dinner time but then all of a sudden you just feel BLAH! And you get cranky and you notice, you may start to care a little less about other things..

So starting now for the next 30 days, let's start getting cute for ourselves. This can mean and go as deep as you want. Maybe do your make-up once a week, try out some new techniques and take some cute pics of yourself. Maybe light some candles and put on your favorite scented body lotion, perfume, face oil and sexy pj's for a netflix night. Maybe just shower and pumice your feet, put a hydrating mask on, lotion head to toe and apply some cuticle oil. Whatever this means for you, whatever makes you feel gorgeous, do it. I guarantee you will feel gorgeous on the inside too. 

I want you to know that caring about how you look is never something you should feel ashamed of. YES it can be taken over the top.. But putting a little make-up and jewelry on, a spritz of fragrance and a cute 'fit or WHATEVER your vibe is, literally affects how you carry yourself in life. And how you carry yourself in life literally dictates how life carries YOU. Have fun with it! Feel good. For you. 

See you tomorrow. 

xx L 

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