Today's post was written by my dear friend Jamison Karon. 

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I WAKE UP MOODY EVERY MORNING (close sources will confirm lol)! It takes a tall cold brew and getting dressed in something expressive— loud print, silk scarf, 1lb of jewelry— before I really start to feel… myself. Before quarantine I had somewhat of a ritual, but being cramped in a downtown apartment with my boyfriend 24/7 has thrown a wrench into any routine I held sacred. At first it was debilitating. The ups and downs were severe and mostly low, but after finding new ways to practice self love, I've found peace in these chaotic circumstances. My secret weapon? A bicycle. 

I’m not sure what exactly compelled me to buy a bike (perhaps my body softening or the restlessness in my bones), but it has proven an invaluable treasure. Prior to this purchase, biking felt like something of a bygone era, childhood. No way in hell was I going to become one of those helmet wearing, spandex clad adult ‘cyclists’, especially not in a city with roads as treacherous as Los Angeles. But alas, here I was with an impulse purchase and no excuse not to ride. So I took my bike for a spin. The feeling of delight immediately overtook me— I legit found myself laughing aloud, gooped that this ordinary object could bring so much bliss.

Since buying my bike, I’ve logged some 200 miles. With less cars on the streets, I ride from Downtown to West Adams to Los Feliz to Chinatown. The LA River has become a regular passage (I am floored that it even exists). Not only do I get to experience parts of Los Angeles I’d never see by car, but with the wind in my face and miles of open road I am reminded of my inner child, the feeling of endless possibility. There’s something about riding a bike that makes you feel like you can go anywhere. And after a few weeks my ass is getting hella tight. So my self care tip: GET A BIKE! Seriously. I sold my car and am committed. Not only does it bring hella joy, but it’s a sustainable means of transportation! No pollution! It’s exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise! I don’t know how else to convince you, get a bike. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter have radicalized me, I am beginning to question what is most important. I find that I am returning to simplicity. My greatest pleasure now comes from cycling, the little herb garden on our window sill, and defunding the police. Get a bike!

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