Egon Shiele. Moa, the Dancer. 1911.

Anavictoria: Here is the picture I chose. It’s a painting from one of my all time favorite artists, Egon Shiele.


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Laina: How Do You Practice Self Love?



Thinking about the answer to this question has made me realize that there is never a time of day that I don’t practice self-love.Something my mama has engrained in me at a very early age is that, love is in the details. I am such a sensitive person. I’ve been like this since I was a child, so I’ve learned to find the things that recharge me and keep me afloat.

I’m really quite simple. These are the things I do to show myself love:


I up around 4:45/5, drink hot lemon water, stretch and then go for a run. I come back, shower, make my oatmeal and coffee & read. Without having my time in the mornings to do these things, I would be completely hinged.

 Music, Reading & Films

These three things are a huge part of my life. Music is the heartbeat to my day, I listen to my music all day long. I watch a film every evening, films nourish me in ways nothing else ever could. & if I am not constantly reading a book, I feel like my brain is turning into mush! Right now, I am reading 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. Through these three different mediums of art, I have learned so much about life and learned so much about myself. Without them, I would not be me and so therefore, I have really deep and loving relationship with them.

 Take Myself out on Dates

Most of my day is spent with myself. But it’s different when you actually plan a night or an afternoon out to go do something which you enjoy. In my case, I’ll take myself out to a matinee with a cocktail after or I’ll go to a museum lecture or take myself out to dinner at a restaurant I’ve been meaning to go to. These things are important for me to do, because I like experiencing new things with myself.

 Honoring myself

I try my hardest to honor myself in everything I do and forgiving myself for the times that I fall short of that. This includes saying “no” to something I truly don’t want to do, doing all the things I told myself I would do ~ staying true to the promises I make myself and standing by myself during those wretched times of self-doubt. It’s crazy, because we really are in a relationship with ourselves, and it is the single most important relationship to foster and nourish and a healthy relationship with ourselves it is absolutely impossible to have a healthy relationship with other people.

 ~ And lastly, if I ever find myself down and out, I go to the beach. Swimming in the ocean and listening to the waves heals me.

 These are the things that I involve myself with that I do hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. I don’t show myself love through grandiose gestures, the love I show myself is deep rooted and intertwined in my everyday actions, in my details.


This has inspired in a way I can not explain. Thank you so much Ana!


Thank you for sharing.
I have a lot to think about now…
You are so dope, Ana. Love you!


Ble$$ this woman and the words she’s shared and the things to instillllllllllll<3 Y E S ! You too, Laina, the gateway drug ;)

Amanda V.

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