I think discussing diet can be triggering because there is so much JUDGEMENT in how people choose to fuel their bodies. Mostly projection. Everyone knows they could/should be doing something different? Better? But they'd rather tell YOU what you should be doing instead of make the desired change in their life. HA! We are funny beings. 
I don't care what you eat. Like truthfully, I don't know you, I don't live in your body, I don't really care what you choose to do. BUT this is a self love challenge SO I'm gonna open up the conversation with you and perhaps propose some changes, at least for the next 20 days while we complete this? I mean, you don't have to. But why not try it. That's my attitude when it comes to how I fuel my body. I'll try anything once. I LOVE a challenge, especially one that challenges my willpower and might possibly have me feeling better, thinking more clearly and dun dun dunnnnn LOOKING BETTER?! I'm a very vain person, folks. I can't deny it. hahahaha. I care how I look. And do you realize how much, how you FEEL affects how you look? You get that glow from the inside, baybeh. 
So let's talk about food in regards to that. 
You literally are what you eat. Every single thing you put in your body has energy to it. This is why I feel it's so important to bless your food before eating. (Day 5. Pray.) This is also why I think we notice a difference when we stop eating meat/animal products. Before you get annoyed and stop reading hahaha, I'm not vegan and I'm not trying to convince you to go vegan, but I will share my experience. (I'm like 90% vegan which I'm sure any real vegan would just cringe at me even saying that..can you be 90% who knows but I am.) Juice fasting really showed me how certain foods made me feel when I started to re-intro them back into my diet. I would literally have nightmares after eating meat. Just think about the what the final days of the animal you are eating might have been like, and that that energy that is still in their cells. Sorry, I know it's nice to remain ignorant to stuff like this but it's facts. On the flip side, I also believe in the circle of life. Certain things are meant to be eaten by other things. I don't know WHAT is "right" or "wrong" and that's why I experiment. So I can figure out what's right or wrong FOR ME. And that's nobody's fucking business but mine. Same goes for you. 
So. I challenge you to an elimination diet.
Sugars that aren't natural, white bread, alcohol, processed foods of any sort, meat that is not grass fed/organic, dairy. These are things I almost NEVER have aside from the occasional glass or two or rose and dark chocolate peanut butter cups. These are things I have realized make my skin angry/inflamed, age me and make me feel lethargic and full after I eat them. I cook a lot of my own foods and when cooking, I use food products that have 5 ingredients or less. I don't really drink anything other than water (coffee in the mornings and the occasional glass of wine) and I eat mostly fruits and veg and whole grains. My challenge during quarantine has been a vegan diet for 2 months and I'm on week 8. I feel amazing and my skin is glowing. This is what works FOR ME. Do I have cheat days? Hell yes. Our bodies can handle a little bit o' crap here and there when we take such good care of them on the regular. Just remember to triple up on the water when you do that.(!!!) 
The most important thing I want you to monitor during the elimination diet is your mood. Notice the peace you feel when you cut out these unnecessary toxins and sugars. And it only gets better as your body starts to clean itself out. You don't need to go ham, just start to take things away and see how you feel without them. Remember this isn't a punishment. It's not that you "can't" have it. You can have whatever you want! But right now you are wanting focus, clarity and control of your mind. So cut out whatever you think might be fucking with that. Have you ever heard of your gut being your second brain? I actually believe it deserves even more credit than that and you will learn as you start to clean it out just how much power it has on your entire being. Physically and spiritually. 
Clean out that temple, baby. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 

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Love this! Will definitely be trying along with you.


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