Hey babes, so we talked on my IG LIVE a couple weeks ago about a Self Love Challenge and since then I've been praying and meditating and trying to think of *The* *Perfect* way to launch this and I realized there is no *perfect* way that feels authentic to me. Because healing and the small acts of daily self love that lead to healing can be messy and put off and sporadic, etc etc.. So that's what I decided. To just do it. As messy and raw as it feels. 30 Days of Self Love. The Love You Challenge. 

Last night I told myself I was gonna start today with whatever felt right in my heart and just share with you as I go. And then WE can start sharing as WE go. Do some IG LIVE CHECK-INS and share some of our experiences.. just feel it out. I've been doing "The Work" for about 2-3 years now and I will say once you start, it never ends and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned, learning new things about myself along the way and just continuing to heal as I share because I think, no I know, how much power there is in just sharing our experiences with each other. 

A couple things you may need along the way is a journal/notepad, a pen you lalalalove to write with, and post-it notes. I may recommend a book here and there but that's totally up to you. 

So let's talk about Day 1..


Have you ever heard the saying Cleanliness is next to Godliness? Well, I wholeheartedly believe that. For your being and your SPACE! When your space is a mess, so is your inner world. Physically looking at mess and disorder around you has it's own effects but the actual energy that clutter brings does as well. Stepping over things, not being able to navigate freely in your surroundings, throws off your zen. I want you to take the next couple of days to clean your space. Do your laundry, go through old drawers and cupboards/closets and get rid of what no longer serves you. Old papers, clothes you don't wear. Donate what you can. Every single thing has energy attached to it so if that thing doesn't add to your experience and/or your future, toss it. 

Clean your floors. Dust. Water your plants. Wash your bedding! Start doing this once a week! I want you to start treating your space as if you have a guest coming. A very special guest who means everything in the world to you. That person is you. This is where we start to honor ourselves and where we set the bar for everything else we deserve and allow in life. You wouldn't want the person you admire and love the most living in filth would you? Today is the day you start treating yourself that way. Everything else follows from here. 

I'm sharing this specific activity because this is what I will be doing today and tomorrow. I wash my sheets every Monday but ALL damn quarantine I've been saying I am going to organize my space, spring clean and donate. So let's do it together. 

This may take a few days, it may take a week! Regardless, I'll be be back here tomorrow for Day 2. 

Love you. 

xx L 


Just paid off 2 credit cards and felt the need to be more productive.So I’m starting this today! 6/23/20
-Preston 💐


I am going to start following this challenge today Laina <3 I was following and then I slipped up and now I feel like I NEED to start from the beginning because I messed up.


This is day one and it has already blessed my socks off!!! ❤️


Iʻm going to follow this challenge, and seeing that this is the starting point is really motivating for me. Iʻve been meaning to do it, but now I have to. Excited to follow the rest of the challenge :)


Love this! I truly agree 1000% And I just told myself that I need to really clean my space! I always felt that your space reflects your inner self and this just helped a lot. This was right on time.

Kymberle Grant

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