A moment w/ MILLIE. A bomb ass DJ, model and all around dope human being. Sat down and answered some hard hitting questions (ha!) and gave us an MF LEISURE MOMENT!!! SHEESH!!! You didn't have to be so kind, love.. but we so appreciate it. *cartoon google-y eyes* 

I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as you enjoy looking at her.. 

1.) Describe what you do for a living and how you are adjusting to social distancing? 

I am a DJ / Model! Life is usually super fast pace for me and I’m constantly traveling for work. This change has definitely been a shock but I’ve been taking in the positives! Djing everyday from home, live streaming, getting into production, redoing my house, and working out to stay sane! 

2.) Being your own boss, it can be hard - damn near impossible - to stay motivated during stressful times like these.. What has been your go-to, kick me out of my funky ass mood, ritual or activity during quarantine? 

Definitely running! It takes a little second to go and actually do it but I’ve been holding myself to it! Something about the mental part of not stopping helps a lot with staying motivated. It’s all in the mind. 

3.) Describe what a busy/productive day looks like for you these days compared to BC. (Before Covid)  

Multiple live streams! I treat it the same as I do work but once I get into it it doesn’t feel that way! But doing that and making dinner seems like a full time job. 

4.) Now describe what a meltdown day looks like! Do you let yourself feel it all or do you push through? We’ve all had them. (I personally had a meltdown week when I first heard the news.) 

The anxiety was getting the best of me first few weeks. I feel like I’m adjusting to the change but I don’t want to get used it it. Anxiety had been on a all time high so I just woosah light some palo santo and get good energy going. I have my days that I really don’t even know what to do but to lay down. Just rolling with the punches and hoping everyone gets better. 

5.) Any challenges or goals, personal or career you’ve given yourself while on lockdown? Or is getting through this shit accomplishment enough? (It is btw.) 

I don’t usually give myself schedules and stuff I just go with that feels right. Most days end up extremely productive because I don’t have anything else to do! Haha

6.) What has been your most favorite thing about this crazy moment in time? Discovered any hidden gems about yourself or your life while having a moment to breathe and reflect?

My favorite has been honestly really seeing the dj community come together and get the acknowledgement we deserve! Music is healing and I’m glad people realize they need it no matter what. 

7.) What advice would you offer anyone who is particularly going through it during this isolation period? 

Meditation. Breathing exercises. Cooking a meal. Getting outside and being in the sun is also important if you can! It’s a strange time so I think we all are just confused and it’s okay to be. 

8.) What are you looking forward to most once the lockdown has been lifted? 

Djing with people dancing !!! Also just hugging my family. Things I’ve taken for granted that are now so precious. 

9.) How difficult has this been for you on a scale of hermit to social butterfly? Do you need the juice of other humans or are you thriving in your lil quarantine cocoon?? Have you been quarantined alone like moi? Or do you have a partner/family around?

I’m used to always being around people I’m a people person! I miss my friends! Still have been able to see a couple. But I’ve re done my living space and work space so it’s been nice to actually spend time there. 

10.) And lastly, any hilarious or embarrassing tidbits you’d like to share are most welcome. For example, did you freak out and buy a years supply of hand sanitizer? Did you get drunk and text an ex lover because you thought the world might be ending or was that just me? 

I went ham on water!!! I have so much water. I felt so dumb after, but especially now because there’s no water shortage. So I only had that one day. The first time I live streamed I got drunk and allegedly a nip popped out on my live stream!! A mess and lesson learned not to drink on live haha.

*Chelsea is wearing the Rain Cloud Leisure separates in size Medium.*

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Wow! First, you are STUNNING, total bombshell in LR! What kind of events do you like to DJ at most? Have you discovered any new talents during quarantine?


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